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Our History


The first African-American High Shcool in the city of Atlanta

The Beginning

In 1923, the City of Atlanta opened the David T. Howard Grammar School located in the block bounded by Houston, Randolph, Howell and Irwin Streets. Howard took the place of three grammar schools, two of which opened in 1866 for children of freed slaves, Storrs, Summer Hill and the Houston Street School which became the first Atlanta Public School with an all- Negro staff. Since its construction in 1923 David T. Howard School educated many of Atlanta’s most notable citizens. In 1929 an added feature was brought to the educational program of the Atlanta Public School System. It was in that year that Howard threw her doors open as a Junior High School under the Principalship of Miss Bazolene Usher, with Miss J.M. Jones as Assistant Principal.

Education & Cultural Growth

Under Miss Usher leadership, Howard school program was felt as a vital factor in promoting and developing the educational and cultural growth of the community. Every educational institution''s primary goal is the very best education for its students. Each Howard High student was urged to be the very best they can be in everything they undertook, in this regard Howard students excelled. Many essay competitions, sponsored on a city-wide basis were won by Howard student; in fact, it became accepted that a Howard student would always win at least one of the top prizes in any city-wide contest. Physical Education, of course, is an integral part of the school program. With Charles Clark as physical Education Director, a splendid program was advanced in which without any coercion, the students took an active part. Out of this program grew the Annual Field Day Celebration which attracted thousands of Atlanta residents. For the cultural growth of the students, many outstanding artists in varied fields were presented and proved to be an inspiration to the student body and the larger community. When Miss Usher became Supervisor of Negro Schools, Mr. Charles L. Giddens a graduate of Clark College and Atlanta University (now Clark Atlanta University), was appointed Principal of David T. Howard High School. 


The Leadership

Under the leadership of Principals Gideons, Howard became one of the leading high schools in the City of Atlanta. David T. Howard High School continued the tradition of high scholastic and athletic achievement under the leadership of Mr. Floyd Sullivan, and his successors. Dr. Carl Harris and Mr. Randal Gay. The faculty and the principal, realizing the vast amount of talent in the student body, saw fit to annually sponsor a Stunt Night which attracted thousands of Atlanta residents to this annual teenage performance where family members of all ages could enjoy the talents of Howard students. Mr. W.L. Callaway was the first chairman of this mammoth venture and later, Mr. F.W. Waites. At the beginning of the 1947-1948 school years Howard was converted into a five year high school. With this conversion, Howard developed strong and winning football, basketball, baseball and track teams. The male students were coached by Mr. T. Herman Graves and Mr. Ralph W. Long; the females by Miss Sarah Hill and Miss Marian Armstrong. Howard, as a high school had a radio station WDTH. This station was a precursor for the many students to enter the field of broadcasting upon graduation, and the experience was supervised by Mr. L.C Mann, assisted by Miss E. Howard and Mr. CM. Gibson. WDTH partnered with local Atlanta radio stations WAGA and WBGE. 

The Howardites

Howards students were very active in the Dramatic Guild, Senior Boy Scouts, Junior Boy Scouts, Y-Teen Clubs, Camp Fire Girls and Girl Scout Troops. The fame of David T. Howard band brought recognition and acclaim to the school, the faculty, the school leadership and the City of Atlanta by its acceptance at concert stand competitions throughout the Southeast and the Midwest. Mr. K.D. Day served as Band Director extraordinaire during this period.Good health is a quality all Howardites wished to ascertain and maintain.Under the supervision of Mrs. D. Flemister and Mr. CM. Ashmore, the student body was provided with physical examinations, and x-rays in an attempt to be proactive in the management of health care issues among the student body at large. Among accomplishments in its rich history, the National Honor Society established the David T. Howard Chapter at the school. Many high schools applied, yet few were accepted. The granting of a NHS chapter at David T.Howard was a testament to the high scholarship of the student body, the dedication of the faculty and the recognition of adherence to those standards established by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges which bestowed accreditation upon David T. Howard High School. As a community school, David T. Howard High School served as a remarkable and commendable beginning for it's students, there has never been any doubt in the minds of past students and teachers that the quality of the foundation laid at David T. Howard High School would not prepare them for a bright and meaningful future. In 1976, the Atlanta Public School System closed David T. Howard High School and it has remained closed as a public school since that time.


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